Blitzweekend have simple rules, with the #1 goal to make you focus on building great products

  • “Shut down the external world”: no un-necessary facebooking, youtube, twitter, no emails, no phone calls, no unnecessary talking during work sessions, don’t check news or text messages. If you break this rule, you put $1 in the common fund
  • “Goal” rule. The goal must be about building a great product or great technology, which solves a current problem. At the beginning of each Blitzweekend, a goal is presented as such: “This application or feature is designed for X and will solve their problem Y by ….”. $10 if you can’t reach your goal
  • “Try hard to reach my goals” rule. If the attendee can’t reach his goal, he/her puts $10 dollars in the common pot
  • “Be at Blitzweekend as often as possible” rule: If you missed last blitzweekend, you put $1 in the common pot

Note: the common pot is owned by the group and goes to purchase of T-Shirts, hosting, ordering pizza, breakfast, etc.

We are also thinking about additional rules to encourage good programming and entrepreunarial practices:

  • Other rules for hackers: do not solve the problem twice. put $1 in the common fund
  • DRY. automate boring bits. if you write again and again boring bits, put $1 in the common fund.- Other rules for entrepreneurs: revenues focus