We invite designers, developers, and entrepreneurs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to join us on saturday morning 9am on a weekly basis.

We will host these coding events every saturday morning. Everyone works on their own project or you can bring your team and tackle specific parts of your project that you want to finish. One rule is to accomplish and launch something during the blitz! Soon enough, we will create contests on those days and get give away prizes to those who have earned the most revenue from their project.

We welcome ninja developers, designers, hackers of all sorts, entrepreneurs, marketing gurus, students, interface designers, project leaders, etc.

Projects can be web-based applications, desktop software, widgets, mobile apps, games, hardware etc. This is however a very limited list, and we welcome teams with fresh ideas. If you solve a current problem, if your idea is innovative, if it involves building new tools, then it’s probably a right fit for Blitzweekend.

The monthly hackathon events are still to be determined but they will most likely be in the middle of the month.

We also have a set of rules to respect and fully agree to, see them here.